T minus 7 days and counting

The Sayōnara Partay!

Planned at the very last minute, it couldn’t have been any more fun.  Surrounded and supported by friends I have known most of my waking life; my wonderful sisters;  my “always can count on” bro and his equally loving wife; my exceptional brother-in-laws; my daughters who are forever my body and breath; and all the nephews, who just by their appearance put a smile on my face every and any time I see them.   At 57, I dare say I am a very lucky person.   Post some pictures soon.

9:00 am: Time to wake up the crew….of which some (Kris, Randy and Matt), will have a difficult time awaking but with a day to recuperate on the beach, what could be better?  But now its coffee time.  7-11 here I come.

Not as difficult as I thought.  Matt and Kate as well as Mary and Randy were all up drinking coffee on her porch.  Its going to be a wonderful day!

8:00 pm: A beautiful day at the beach.  The entire fambly.  Matt and Kate ended up delaying their departure.  Kris hung out with the boys.  The Palma tribe ended their vacay at the beach as well.  The ocean was calm, cool, and inviting.  So many people, so many kids….so many dogs.  Fun times.   As the sun begins to set, all are on the way home.  The house is quiet.  Kris is driving around…which of course worries me so, but she wants to see her friends from college, so OK.  She is my baby and I worry.  And I just look at Kate and Matt and my heart soars with love.  Two peas in a pod they are, with one on the way….a pealet…lol.  Now its time to get cracking on the course…dowling that is…too many emails today.